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Replace Your Spa Blower

How to Replace Your Old Spa Blower in 4 Easy Steps

Replacing a component on a spa should not take a rocket scientist. Nor should you have to pay those ridiculously high “Original OEM part” prices. Our engineers have designed well over 1,000,000 blowers, pumps, heaters and controls that go on the best spas manufactured today. We understand the application and have made it simple for you to determine the replacement spa blower that is right for your application.

To replace a blower on your spa, we will need the information from your old blower. We will be matching the old blower voltage, cord design and amperage.
Ready? Here is what we need:

What is the voltage of the old blower? This will be on the nameplate of your old blower. Look for either a 120 volt rating or a 230 volt rating. Note that even if you have 230 volts going to your spa controller, your blower MAY still be only 120 volts.

What is the amp rating of the old blower? This will also be on the blower label. We do not need to ask about the horsepower (HP) of the blower since our blowers are 20-25% more efficient than many blowers even less than 2 years old! In many instances, the “HP” was a marketing rating and not an actual power rating. The amp rating gives us an idea of the size of the blower you currently have.

What is the style of cord that connects the old blower to your controller? Just follow the cord from the old blower to where it connects to the main control of the spa. In 95% of applications, it will be one of these three designs:

Note on Amp style cords: We ship the blower without the Amp pin installed on the cord. We do this because the configurations are so various on the cords that were used in the past. Simply match the configuration on your existing blower and plug the leads (black, white, green) into the correct pins on the Amp housing. The picture here shows the most common configuration for the Amp pins.

If your blower has a different connection than these, please email us a picture of the connector and we will do our best to match it!

Match up all the above information with the table below. First start with the voltage needed from Step 1, then the amp rating from step 2 and finally the cord style from step 3. Follow the chart in column 4 to find the correct model number to order. Then proceed here to order.


Old Blower Voltage

Old Blower Amp Rating

Replace with Tranquility Blower Model