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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Does all this Horsepower Stuff Mean?
“Horsepower” is the most abused term when it comes to portable spas. There are too many games being played today in the spa industry with terms like “Marketing Horsepower”, “Developed Horsepower”, “Brake Horsepower” and other confusing terms. When it comes to spa blowers, horsepower means very little since the marked horsepower is, many times, completely false and misleading. That is why we only offer two ratings of blowers. Our blower offerings make up 95% or more of the blowers needed for replacement on portable spas today. Our Tranquility spa blower models G220T compare to all “1 HP” blower ratings that have been used in the spa industry for years. Our Tranquility spa blower models G220TX compare in performance to all “1-1/2 HP” blower ratings that have been sold on portable spas. There are a few online spa parts companies that sell only “1-1/2 HP” and “2 HP” spa blowers. These blowers are identical to our 1HP and 1-1/2 HP respectively. There were very few 2hp blowers used on portable spas over the years. The amperage for a true 2hp spa blower would have been too much for a conventional portable spa.
Should I Install a New Check Valve?
The check valve is like an oil filter for your car. You can get an oil change without an oil filter, but why would you use an old filter with new oil? It is the same with a blower check valve. If you can access the check valve (and this may be a concern onSpa Blower Check valve for Tranquility Spa Blowers some spas), it should always be replaced when installing a new blower on a spa. The reason is that the primary safety device – to prevent a backflow of water into the spa page3_tabContents_2_-spring-check-valve-250blower – is the check valve. We strongly urge you to replace the check valve when installing our blower. Yes the check valve is glued into the blower plumbing. To replace it, you will need to cut the old check valve out and replace it with the new one. Be prepared to cut some piping and have some extra length of PVC pipe to use (probably 2 inch but could be 1-1/2″). Just get a short length of pipe from Home Depot or Lowe’s (I have seen 5-foot lengths on the shelves), get the clear PVC glue and you can use a hacksaw or a PVC pipe cutter (also available at Home Depot or Lowe’s)
Is the Tranquility Spa Blower Really that Quiet?

The Tranquility Blowers utilize a unique design concept which incorporates dual tortuous air inlets to quiet down the inlet air flow. The incoming air must make a 180 degree turn, route through internal foam baffles and finally exit from our specially molded Santoprene motor housing. Nearly all blowers on the market today use a linear air-path design which contributes to the air noise tremendously.
In independent tests, the dB rating (decibal) rating of our blower- in an actual spa application- has been tested to almost 10 dB less than competitiors blowers! This is the difference of noise versus relaxation!

Can I Replace the Spa Blower Myself or Do I need an Expert?

While we would suggest that most spa repairs should be done by a professional, we also understand that everyone wants to save money and do-it-yourself is becoming the norm rather than the exception. On 99% of the spas manufactured over the years, the blower simply plugged into the spa control box. If your spa blower is plugged into the spa control box, then changing a blower is just like plugging in a computer printer. Note that the existing blower air connection should NOT be glued. It should be clamped or screwed to the blower. Lastly, the blower will be mounted to the base inside the spa equipment enclosure. Simply unscrew the mounting screws.
Now just repeat the steps with a replacement Tranquility Spa Blower and you have done it!
Note: If your spa blower is hard-wired into your spa control, we HIGHLY recommend that you contact a spa service company or an electrician for repair. We do not sell blowers without plugs on them at any time. Cutting off the cord plug voids the warranty.

So what does our Tranquility Spa Blower Warranty Cover?

When comparing replacement blowers, warranty should be considered. There are two ways that a blower will typically fail. Either water damage (due to the check valve leaking or sticking open allowing water to enter the blower motor) or the motor brushes will eventually wear from use. The motor brushes are made from a hard form of graphite carbon (like a pencil lead but much harder of a material). Like a pencil gets smaller with use, so does a motor brush. There are other reasons why a brush will wear faster (high amps, high heat, etc.) but it is our experience that blowers for spas have adequate brush life for the application.
All other online spa parts websites give you the “manufacturer’s warranty”. That means if you have a problem with the product within the warranty period, you have to go back to the factory to get warranty coverage. Then you need to produce a sales receipt to prove your warranty. What a hassle!
Our Warranty is one-year and is printed on our Owner’s Manual.
We make it easy. We are the factory. We have the records of your sale. In the unlikely event of a product failure, simply drop us an email or call us and we will expedite warranty coverage for you. No middleman. No forwarding your call to some other company. The buck stops here with us!
Our warranty for residential use (spa owner), covers everything but water damage. If your check valve fails, we cannot cover that blower failure simply because it was not our product that failed. There should never be water in the blower line if your check valve is working correctly. The check valve is the primary protection for the blower motor.
Other than that – we cover everything!

Are the Tranquility Spa Blowers Made in the USA?

You betcha! I guess we are old-fashioned. We in America. We believe we can source good, reliable components at a reasonable price and, using American labor, build a superior product than those that are coming from offshore. We were raised that way and continue the tradition in raising our families that way.