The Quiet Choice for Replacement Spa Blowers

    The Warm and Fuzzy Feeling
    Everyone wants to know who they are doing business with. Just gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling. Usually we like a warm smiling face when we are ready to spend our money. Of course, the internet does not lend itself to that too well. And we are very camera shy! So lets see if we can give you a warm and fuzzy feeling about doing business with us.
    We are a small team of dedicated engineers with well over 2,000,000 motors, pumps, controls, heaters and blowers to our credit specifically designed for the portable spa and whirlpool bathtub applications. How well do we know spas? We know them from the inside out-having designed the most critical components for the spas. The components that are the very workhorses of the spa. If our components for the spas did not work, people were not very happy (and we were not either!)

    How to Design a Great Spa Blower

    We have taken all that experience and know-how and decided to design and manufacture the Tranquility Line of Spa Blowers.
    To design a great spa blower, you have to know electric motors. Our engineers have well over 30 years experience in electric motors. I guess you could call them motorheads. We only use Class B winding insulation while most blower motors use Class A. Class B is higher temperature-rated by nearly 25%. All of our motors are also "thermally protected" which means if the motor overheats, there is an internal switch that turns the motor off to protect it. This switch reconnects the internal motor power once the motor has cooled to a safe temperature. Why is this important? In normal operating circumstances, it is not. However, in any abnormal circumstances (very high ambient temperature, low or high voltage) this is the difference between your blower safely turning itself off and your blower burning out. MOST blowers on the market today do not have this feature. Yes it costs us more, but we believe in engineering the best product we can.
    Besides motors, one also has to know molded materials since the motor is housed in an engineered material and the outer blower housing is as well. Our experience on injection molding and engineered materials is very extensive as well - almost 24 years now. Additionally, one has to understand how to quiet down air noise and motor brush noise. Our Tranquility spa blower housing has a very unique design forcing the incoming air to make a "U-Turn" before it enters the actual blower motor. The air has to pass through a series of internal foam filters that absorb certain air frequencies (waves) converting this energy into heat instead of noise. Well its not as involved as going to the moon but it is pretty cool! Finally, one has to understand how to produce a quality product. Our engineering staff has extensive experience operating in an ISO quality environment. Quality begins with the design, then the correct components and finally the production. All Tranquility blowers are 100% tested for amperage, noise, air flow and safety.

    Our goal is to build the finest spa blower available anywhere. We hope that you will agree that we have accomplished that.

    Happy Bubbling!

    The staff at Tranquility Spa & Tub Blowers
    If you would like to contact us, you can E-mail us (see link below) or call us at toll free at (800) 367-0641.
    Be sure to check the overall length of the old blower. The Tranquility Spa blower should be able to physically fit in nearly all spa applications. Note that the Tranquility blower may be installed vertically if needed. However the air port MUST be pointed down to prevent water from entering the air vents.
    The Tranquility line of spa blowers have been designed with a quality-first attitude. First, our motors have been wound with Class B insulation which yields a longer life than Class A windings. Secondly, all Tranquility motors are equipped with thermal protectors for increased safety and protection to the motor in the event of abnormal operation. Most of the blowers on the market today do not have this feature and simply burn-up in the event of abnormal operation (blocked air flow, etc.)

    All Tranquility Blowers are 100% tested for proper operation, dB noise, amperage and air flow. Just remember that we are the factory! All blowers are built to order (we ship in 2-4 working days).