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Tranquility Spa Blowers - The Best Choice for Your Spa

Starting at $69.77-Includes Shipping, Handling and a 48-inch Cord! Buy Factory Direct and Save up to 50%

Tranquility - Tran-quil-li-ty (tranq-kwil-i-tee)
Quality or State of being Tranquil; Calmness; Peacefulness; Quiet, Serenity.

You purchased your spa to relax in-after a long day of work or chores. You hit the button for the blower with the thought of feeling thousands of tiny bubbles soothing your skin. Instead, you are blasted away by the utter noise and whining from your spa blower. So much for relaxing.
Tranquility Spa Blowers have been engineered to be quiet, have a long life and yet be the best value in a replacement blower. We can do this because we are the factory. We design and manufacture the Tranquility spa blowers in the USA!
Tranquility Spa Blower
Free Shipping on Spa Blowers
No Handling Fees on Spa Blowers

Pay No Shipping* and No Handling Charges! Save up to $25.00!

Many companies say "Free Shipping" but then hit you with a "Handling Fee" of up to $8.95 per order! What is free about that? Others offer free shipping on orders only over $100.
With, our price is your total cost! We ship absolutely FREE if you are in the 48 continental US states. (See our order page for Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and international orders.)

How to Properly Select a Replacement Spa Blower

All Tranquility Blowers INCLUDE a 4-foot cord, Free Shipping*and No Handling Charges!
Shopping online for a replacement blower can be a confusing task. To properly select a replacement blower for your spa, ask the following questions:

1. Is the Spa Blower Quiet?

Our Blowers have been independently tested to be up to 10 dB quieter than the competition. All Tranquility Spa Blowers are engineered for long life and quiet operation. We have specially designed the air flow, the internal foam baffles, the motor housing material and the blower motor to assure the lowest noise and the highest quality. Our blower motor is encased in an engineered rubber material to absorb any vibration and reflect sound waves from the motor brushes.

2. Is the Spa Blower Easy to Replace?

With access to all three mounting tabs (only two are needed for proper mounting), a long 48-inch cord and a rubber connection, there is no easier spa blower to install. Simply plug it in and make one pipe connection (no glue!)

3. Is the Spa Blower Well-Designed?

The Tranquility Line of Spa Blowers have been designed by engineers with over 20 years experience in spas, electric motors and hydraulics. Besides designing the Tranquility blowers, we also manufacture them. We are the engineers AND the factory - no middleman markups!

4. Is the Correct Cord Plug available?

Nearly all spa manufacturers use one of two cord plugs - either an Amp Style or a molded style. We offer both for our blowers.

5. Is the Cord Long Enough?

Some of the blowers you can buy have short 8-inch cords that then require you to purchase (at an additional expense!) an adapter cord. This “feature” only helps the distributor with his inventory and not you the spa owner. An additional and sometimes hidden cost that is completely unnecessary. We supply long 48-inch cords as standard on all our blowers. As engineers, we do not believe that an additional connection (short cord to longer cord) gives a high quality product. Anything we can do to eliminate connections is a good thing!

6. Is the Warranty Stated Clearly?

How good is a “limited” warranty if the warranty is not clearly stated on the website BEFORE you order? Our warranty is clearly stated and can be downloaded as a PDF if you would like to compare it to other warranties you may find online. Our mission is to give you the finest product possible for your spa - a product that will give you years of enjoyment and pleasure. A warranty is only as good as the company manufacturing the product. Rest assured - we are the factory!

7. Are there Shipping Charges or “Handling Charges”?

Some companies advertise “free shipping” but then hit you up for up to $9.95 “order handling fee”. We do not have a handling fee. And our shipping is FREE within the 48 continental US. We do charge for Alaska and Hawaii ($25.00) and for Canada ($30.00).